Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The sky's turned blue

I did a photoshoot for the Statesman last night. I felt like a fool. I'm sure the picture will make me look like this depressed, brooding girl. I'm not. The farthest thing, I hope. I'm sure I'll look like a total dork. It's ok,I guess.

My friend Kelly Roberts (Kelly Seitzinger now but I still like to call her Kelly Roberts) sent me the sweetest note this morning. She ended it with "You are sunshine." It made my day. I love my friends. More than absolutely anything in the whole wide world. I'm actually really excited to get back to Karen and Kurt and Ryan and Nevie and Nisha and Aaron and Debbie Smith ... everyone. I've missed them so much. I miss their silliness. I miss our stupid adventures. I need new adventures.

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