Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Rough Cuts

Nevie has half of the film in a rough cut. The sound needs a lot of work, but the picture's coming together nicely. I did a lot of long, one set up scenes, which probably has helped matters. We were up late going over all of the scenes, working and laying down potential music to feel the pacing. Nevie got a taste of my "yeah, yeah, yeahs" and my "good, good, goods". There's a scene that I absolutely love. It's after the funeral and Grove goes to console Zak in his bedroom. Savannah and Bryan both give really wonderful, subtle performances next to a stark, pale backdrop. I love it. Nevie's nervous about the IFP lab. She thinks they'll tell me I made the wrong decision to hire her. I think she's being completely retarded. I think she's doing a really fantastic job in such a painfully stressful situation. Deadlines suck. Especially ones that are completely ridiculous and absurd.

I'm having a lot of fun editing with Nevie. At first I ached to be at the editing bay myself. Having edited my first feature and a few shorts, I know how everything goes. I know how it's paced. But this being the second piece that she's done for me, we're really finding a groove. It's nice to find people/friends that you can work with that understand where you're coming from and get what you're going for. Plus, she's so much fun to be around. I love the hell out of that girl. She's one of the strongest, most centered people I know.

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