Monday, August 01, 2005

now we know

The actors have figured out my code for excitement. If I'm really happy with a performance or a take or a camera move I'll usually shout "yeah, yeah, yeah!" Or usually with a performance, it's "Good, good, good! Moving on!". I was talking with Savannah and Bryan about it the other night. I was having a hard time with a particular scene. It was late and everyone was tired and worn down. I had to take both of them aside and "have a word" with them. I've become more confident in performances and getting the performances I need. They know when they're not there. I'm sure I'm still making a ton of mistakes. I'm sure I'll make many, many more until the day I die. Until my very last film. I love my actors. My kids are incredible. I love how much they LOVE to act. How serious they are about it. I watch Glen repeat a line over and over and over again to himself while we're setting up lights until he gets it just right. Savannah asks me a million questions ... about everything. Katie gets frustrated with her performances even though I think she's perfection. Bryan and I have talks about motivation of a line or a movement. They rule my world!

I think I discovered my favorite lines in the script ...

GROVE: Have you gotten to number 4 yet?
LINDSAY: I'm still on number 3.
GROVE: Well, tell me when you get to number 4.

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