Friday, August 05, 2005

Furthest from myself ...

I just woke up to the rain. 7 whole hours of sleep. Maybe a record for me in the past two weeks. I got three hours of sleep the night before. I felt it at the mid point of last night's shoot. I couldn't think straight and I was getting a little irritated at stupid things. When 1am rolled around, I just wanted to finish and go home and sleep. It's probably the first time I haven't been able to keep my cool. I know it was mostly the lack of sleep. It's not like I was yelling or anything, I just could feel myself getting really annoyed really quickly. The club was great up until that point. The exterior looked awesome. Billy Evans is so cute. Watching him and Bryan talk about guitars and bands made me giggle a lot. Even though they're only a year apart, Billy still looks like he's about twelve. This is the second film I've worked with Billy on. He's one that I decided to keep after the first film we did together. There are certain people that are keepers. People that I work with over and over again, both on cast and crew. You find good people and you stick with them. Sometimes you even write pieces for them. Speaking of which I'm excited to have some time to write again. Making movies inspires me to make more. I have one script ready to go and I have one that's been brewing for some time. I was asking Katie, Glen and Bryan the other night what kind of film or role they would want to act in if someone was writing something especially for them. Glen wants to be a spy or an astronaut, which I thought was awesome. Katie wants to play a character that's furthest from herself. And Bryan, I never got a straight answer from him.

I feel bad. Last night Justin was following me around with a camera all night long. At my most awful state I turned to him and asked him if he could go away. I need to call him and apologize. I feel pretty shitty about it. It was just too much after awhile.

I sat at Quack's yesterday for several hours getting the evite together and sent out. Clark Walker sat next to me after a bit. It took me a second or two to recognize him. When I did I had to tap him on the shoulder and strike up a conversation about how they got their underwater shot in LEVELLAND. It's a beautifully shot film about adolescence. We ended up talking for some time. We shared stories about tiny crews, creative lighting with very little money and mutual friends. I like him a whole lot. It was a really sweet afternoon chat.

Two more days left.

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