Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Heart on the headphones this afternoon. I could probably listen to Crazy On You over and over for hours, days. I've loved Heart ever since 9th grade. Ever since my Government/Economics teacher, Mr. Piscitelli gave me the nickname, Baracuda because I schooled the Defense Attorney in a mock trial. Mr. Piscitelli picked me to be the Prosecuting Attorney because I was the quiet, shy girl in the back of class who never raised her hand. I guess he figured the quiet types need a little shove every so often. He was right. I enlisted the help of my friend Garrett's dad who was a lawyer at the time. He gave me all kinds of lawyer tricks and ways to sucker punch the defense. I remember wearing some god awful navy blue suit that my mom dressed me in. I remember standing in the library in our makeshift courtroom pacing back and forth with question after question. I cleaned some clocks that day. I put this girl, Sara, away for life for dealing Jawbreakers to the rest of our class. I'm glad too because she was an arrogant little thing who thought she'd gotten away with it. So every time Heart's Baracuda comes on, I smile and revel in my little successes.


ryan said...

that's a really good story! i used to be in the Heart fan club in junior high.

Catherine said...

great story! luv it. i'm listening to heart right now; googled it and your blog came up. kewl.

wowlibrarian said...

great story! i'm listening to heart right now. i googled them and your blog came up. kewl.