Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Something that made me happy.

When Stacy was relaying a story to me and she told me that someone was asking why she was working on a film that wasn't hers. She replied, "jumping off bridges is my movie too". :)


her mom said...

we have a really kick ass daughter named kat. can't wait to see some of the scenes. when she made cicadas, we popped in on three different occasions. it was hard work for them ....heat, sweat, little water, scenes over and over again under hot lights, but oh such a satisfying film it turned out to be....absolutely brilliant. from a brilliant director, editor, producer and all of the great things i can say about my kick ass daughter. she makes me so very proud.

Anonymous said...

I'd tend to agree! She rocks by doing things her way with razor sharp focus and a lion's heart. I can't wait to see this next project's fruition... Good luck!