Monday, July 18, 2005

Infectious smiles, Confidence, Flirts and Intelligence

We're at the halfway mark. I know the next three weeks are going to breeze by. I'll be a heap of depression once this is all over.

So it's confirmed. Mayor Will Wynn is jumping off of the Barton Springs footbridge for us. It promotes him, it promotes us, it saves us a bunch of money that we really don't have. So it's a win, win situation. He seems like a super nice guy. What a strange scenario.

I got about eleven hours of sleep last night and I'm still exhausted. I have that raspy, not enough sleep voice right now.

From here on out, it's pretty much about the kids. We have a few more scenes with the Turners and Grove's mom, but that's it. I love my kids. To death. They're all so amazingly cool ...

Glen (Eric) - the all American, good looking kid who seems to excel in everything he does. Charming, the kind of smile that every teenage girl will swoon over. Basically he is his character.
Bryan (Zak) - super intelligent, articulate, thoughtful, completely introverted and sweet as anything. Very much his character minus any sort of drumming skills.
Savannah (Grove) - outgoing, flirtatious, sweeter and much gentler than her character. There's not that tough, bitterness about her that my friend Gena exuded at sixteen.
Katie (Lindsay) - The character of Lindsay is pretty much me when I was that age. Katie is that overly shy, quiet, girl that never raises her hand in class even though she knows the answer. I like Katie a lot. She has a confidence about her that I never had growing up.

I did really well picking my cast.


ryan said...

don't you mean it's a win, Wynn situation? HAHAHAHAHA!!

Mandy said...

Ryan, that's awful/funny.

Kat, just in case I don't say it enough, I'm super proud of you.

ryan said...

oh come on, that was brilliant!