Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Got to be startin' somethin'

I'm ready. For a new week to start. We've had our crew meeting to go over what went wrong, what was brilliant, what we can do better. And I have a rehearsal with Bryan and Michael tonight to go over their break down scene. After that, I'm ready to go again.

I woke up last night, stood up in bed and started talking to my boyfriend because I thought he was Richard setting up a shot in my bedroom. And I kept wondering to myself why there wasn't enough light for the scene. I have a feeling there will be many more dreams about the film and production. When I was filming cicadas I was actually sleep walking and talking to Jim in my sleep. Telling him how and where to set up the shot. How funny I am sometimes.

I was buying Gift Certificates at Alamo Drafthouse about two hours ago and a woman recognized me. She asked if I was Kate Chandler. I said, "Kat". She told me she had auditioned for the film and she was so happy that a woman was making movies in Austin. I smiled the whole way back to my car.

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