Friday, July 22, 2005

False figures.

I made Stacy and Jim stay awake way too late last night. I couldn't help it. We were watching footage and I just get really excited.

The three of us scouted the bridges again. I feel like we revisit them every few days. Jim's worried about the wide shots. He's trying to get some helium balloon light or something like that. I'm able to wrap my brain around them more. Those are pretty daunting days, but I'm sure we'll manage just fine. Stutter's taking the kids for jumping lessons on Tuesday. Standing on the Barton Springs bridge last night ... I was almost tempted to jump. It doesn't look so terrible afterall.

We're getting more and more press. Yesterday the Statesman printed our hypothetical budget of $200,000. I was pretty upset because a) we don't have even close to $200,000 right now and b) if we did it's not public knowledge. AND if we did have $200,000 people would be paid a lot more money. It bummed me out that this huge false figure was slap dab in the middle of the paper for all to see. It bums me out that we don't have more money to pay people and be able to afford fancy equipment. Regardless, we get by. We're doing the best we can and we're making a kick ass movie on little to nothing. We're pretty damn resourceful.

Ok, must go find out why Stacy's not here to pick me up for the shoot yet.

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i'm no phenomenon said...

no worries...we're not doing it for the money...