Monday, July 11, 2005

End of Week Two

I cried pretty hard yesterday. Partly from Bryan and Michael's performances in the scene when they finally have it out, partly because at that moment, I felt the most connection to this film and this story and everyone involved and partly because I was tired. After watching Bryan break down on camera, I could barely utter "cut". Tracy had to call it for me. I went outside and sat by Jim's van and cried for a little while. I'm sure some of it was from exhaustion, but for some reason, everything hit me pretty hard.

When I first decided to do this film in January, I pretty much knew that I would cast Bryan Chafin in the lead role. He has this wonderful naturalism about him that I love. We'd worked together on cicadas and Pilot and Olo already. When we did Pilot and Olo together, it had been about five years since I'd seen him. All of a sudden he was six feet tall, awkward, quiet and self concious. It was strange. There wasn't anything big or emotional in the film, just a quietness that with the stage of his life that he was in, worked perfectly. When I started auditioning everyone for jumping, I realized I was going to have to push Bryan into the more emotional scenes. Even when we rehearsed, I could see it. Sometimes, I feel strange about it. About how to communicate what I need or what I want. Yesterday I didn't hold back with him. I knew and he knew that he could do better. It ended up being the best performance he's ever given me.

I've learned a lot from Bryan. And from Michael and Anne and Rhett and everyone. And I'm super grateful. They've been teaching me how to be a better director. How to bring pieces out of them, that I didn't know I could. They've given me more than I could've asked for. With Bryan yesterday, I was proud. Very, very proud. I love that kid.

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an actor's mom said...

Well... now we've both cried. Good tears, tho. I don't want it to be over, either, but I can't wait to see the finished product. I completely and totally trust you in addressing sensitive and difficult issues... to direct and shape my guy. Thank you for investing in him.
Much love and respect...