Sunday, July 24, 2005

End of Week 4

It's Sunday night. 9:16pm. Week four is over. Rhett wrapped today. We wrapped Nathan Zellner's house and Will's house. Only two more weeks. How very sad.

We're prepping for the bridge nights. Did another scout today of the Lamar footbridge. I'm really confident about it. We'll see if the mayor really jumps or not. We'll find out tomorrow. Suzanne goes in front of the city council to get all of the logistics worked out. We shall see ...

I love my people. Love them! I'm watching interviews that Tracy did with them yesterday. Watching Gerald do the nitty gritty dance and Adam do the robot to New Kids on the Block. Listening to Colby's sweet southern drawl as he talks about lasagna.

Mari, our second AC, got to shoot some establishing shots on Friday. That might be one of the highlights for me. Watching her grin from ear to ear and dance around the camera as she set up shots. I've never seen someone so excited about something. She's so cute it kills me. Moments like that make this all so worth it. So many people are getting a chance to learn and teach and grow. I love being a part of that.

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