Thursday, July 28, 2005

Drunkenly delirious

The mayor jumped off the Lamar footbridge last night. It was a media frenzy. Even made the front page of the metro section. It was so friggin' weird. It's what everyone's talking about today. Even the El Arroyo sign says something to the effect of "the mayor's friends told him to jump off a bridge so he did". Just crazy, I tell you.

All four of the kids jumped off the bridge last night right before a huge storm set in. They were amazing. The whole night long. We waited out the storm for 2 - 3 hours. Afterwards we did all of the water shots ... otters, nutria, lots of debris and trash. It was pretty disgusting. And we ended the night with all of the jumps onto the scaffolding. I got to jump, twice. We got some really great performances from those guys. Bryan threw up after Glen gave him CPR in one of the scenes. I felt really bad. Not to mention, Nathan, my AD threw up this morning as he came down with the stomach flu that seems to be plagueing my crew. We have to go back tonight and finish up some of the shots that we missed due to the torrential downpour. But it was a good night.

Tonight we have Lee Daniel running second camera out at the Zilker bridge. Hopefully that'll help us with time. After a Vietnamese Coffee and two coffee, banana smoothies I was wired all night long. I'm finally crashing. I felt a little nauseaus on the way home. Probably sleep deprivation. I should really rest my weary eyes now.

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