Thursday, July 07, 2005

Day 5 - JOB

The days just keep getting better and better. The crew and cast just keep getting better and better. I'm really excited about a shot of Glen Powell that we did today. It's a really beautiful dolly shot of him crying on the side of the house after the funeral.

We got footage back today. Mostly from all of Friday and part of Saturday. It looks really nice. We get more back tomorrow. I'm really excited to see the stuff we shot of Mrs. Nelson in the garage.

There's no substitution for film. It just looks so damn good. After shooting on mini-DV for so many years ... I'm in heaven with the grain and the soft focus backgrounds. It's gorgeous.

I'm upsetting my boyfriend these days. I woke up last night talking to Rhett and Richard in my sleep. Ugh.

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