Saturday, July 02, 2005

Day 2 - JOB

I think we reached record temperatures in Will's house today. It was like a sauna. Oh my god, it's hot in there. BUT to make up for it today, we had Amy's ice cream as a treat. :)

Another kick ass day. We caught up and got all of the shots that we lost yesterday. AND we were only half an hour late after catching up. Everyone is working so hard! The crew has hit a groove.

I ran through about seven rolls of film the first day. Stacy gave me a little talking to about that. I needed to chill out on how much I was rolling. I only shot 3 today. I'm learning how to be more lean using film.

More great performances. We had a huge scene with seven actors. About 3 pages long. I tossed out my storyboards on that one. I was super happy with the shots that we pulled off. I think it'll cut together really well. Nevie's been popping onto set here and there which has been wonderful.

Our stunt coordinator visited the set with our stunt woman. After shooting we we went and visited some bridges. We decided on a bridge near Zilker park. When we got there to scout it, there were three boys jumping off the bridge. We had them jump off so we could test angles. It was awesome.

My boss, Mary visited and brought us tons of food to help us out. It was so sweet. We're feeling very loved.

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