Sunday, July 17, 2005

Day 12 - JOB

I'm delirious. Stacy and I made our appearance at Tom Copeland's retirement party last night. We had a mission to talk to the mayor of Austin, Will Wynn. We've been trying to get some fees waived for use of two Austin bridges. Mayor Wynn was super nice. He said he would jump off a bridge in order to help. He had a beer in his hand so I'm noot sure how serious he was. We shall see. We stayed too late last night and I only got a few hours of sleep before being on set.

It was a good day. I felt like I could think more clearly without a million extras running around. We picked up some shots that were out of focus from the first weekend and finished up with the scenes scheduled for the day.

It was Michael's last day. I'll miss him. I really loved working with him. And he gave me a fantastic performance.

It was Beatrice's last day too. We lost her to The Cassidy Kids. I hope they realize how lucky they are.

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Bryan Poyser said...

We do know how lucky we are! We'll treat her right, we promise...