Friday, July 29, 2005

The Austinist

It's 3:35pm. I'm in some random coffeeshop near the edge of Hyde Park. I'm working off of about 3 hours of sleep, several mochas and an Odwalla Strawberry C Monster juice. I'm averaging about 4 hours of sleep a night and 3 coffee drinks a day. I JUST discovered coffee last week. I'm afraid that I might really like it. I haven't exercised in almost two weeks and am feeling very slovenly.

Last night went beautifully. Lee Daniel came and ran second camera for us on our stunts. That man is so nice. Just really, really sweet. The stunts went off without a hitch. Savannah backed out of the jump at the last minute but with a good wig, Jody doubled perfectly. Stutter and Jody wrapped late last night after we finished up some wide shots at the Lamar Footbridge. I love those guys. Stutter is an amazing Stunt Coordinator. He put everyone at ease and made me well aware of my limits and options with everything. I just wish I had more stunts in BRAIN BRAWL besides a bunch of thirteen year olds fighting.

I think I just got in a really stupid fight with Mark. He's upset that we're shooting in our apartment and I may not have time or energy to move everything back before he gets back from Dallas. I can't really care too much about that right now. Physically and emotionally, that's my last concern. I love the boy to death and understand the inconveniences I put on him as a result of this film, but there's only a week and a half left. Things will settle again soon.

Alison Coffey did an interview with me last week for the Austininst. It might be the first interview I've done that I don't cringe at.

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Mike said...

It did go well I think mostly because the teamwork was really amazing. Crafts, cameras, stunts, Austin Water Rescue Team, direction, actors, grips, etc. So much stuff needs to happen in order for the next item to be pulled off in sequence. One of the best volunteer experiences I've ever had. So much fun to be a part of the effort if only for that one night.