Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A perfect scene.

Spent my lunch break at the South Congress Baptist Church scouting our first location of our first shot of our first scene. Exciting! I'm still needing to sleep more. By the time my clock hits 6am, I shoot out of bed, ready to get to work on the movie. Sadly, my bedtime keeps getting later and later. I MUST get sleep tonight. I'm hoping with my day off tomorrow, I can at least go running for about an hour after I force myself to sleep until 7am. I haven't put on my running shoes in almost two weeks. It's so sad. I have a hair appointment at noon. I haven't had a haircut since February. It's crazy how time flies. I got into an argument with a Groovy Lube employee a few weeks back over my inspection sticker being four months overdue. I swore I'd gotten it inspected in February of 2005. I was sadly mistaken. It had been February 2004. It's moments like those that I truly feel, I'm losing my mind.

Last night I had a short, but fantastic rehearsal. It was just Michael and Anne doing a scene after they come home from church. The two of them fit beautifully. It was a perfect scene. I came home and made Mark watch it too. I love it when he agrees with me. I know I've done good.

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