Thursday, June 23, 2005

Paint Fumes

OH MY GOD! Today has been surreal. In so many ways.

We had a wonderful, wonderful meeting with Elizabeth Avellan this morning. That woman is a constant source of inspiration, kindness and support. I think the world of her. And she gives great hugs.

We've also been in conversation all day long with Michael's agent and manager. Michael's actually on a plane as I write this. He should touch down in an hour. It's been pure insanity. It's the part of the business that I despise. It makes me feel gross and icky. Just another learning experience, I suppose.

This morning I felt strong, happy and confident. Over the course of five or six hours, that's turned to frayed and tattered nerves. I think lack of sleep is part of it. And maybe the paint fumes from the art department painting my bedroom late last night. And Mark's snoring.

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