Monday, June 06, 2005

Good Weekends

It was a great weekend on all fronts. Mike Slack was in town taking polaroids for the film and for promotional materials. I spent much of Saturday with three of the kids taking pictures in the park. The images are stunningly beautiful. I was pretty taken back. I like Mike a lot. He has so much talent, it's sorty of spilling all over the place. It astounds me what people see through a lens. Coming from a filmmaker, I suppose that sounds weird. I found Grove that morning. I'm crossing my fingers that when I drop her in with the group, it works. I put together an impromptu photo shoot with Savannah (Grove) and Bryan (Zak) on Sunday, which again, turned out some amazing pictures from Mike. I know it's going to take a few more times before they get comfortable with each other. Same with Savannah and everyone else.

I spent almost most of yesterday shopping with the art department. I forgot how much fun it is to find costumes and set dressing items. The art department clicks big time. Those girls rule!

I took Adrienne and Lisa to see LORDS OF DOGTOWN on Saturday night. I wasn't crazy about it. For some reason, I kind of like Catherine Hardwicks' films, but as a whole they never really gel for me. There were some really great performances and then some not so hot ones. I don't know. I love anything that involves skateboarding.

Speaking of skateboarding, I did have a very surreal moment yesterday. We were waiting in line at Thundercloud when I recognized a face I hadn't seen in over ten years. My friend Zak from high school was standing a few people back. I had a huge crush on his best friend in high school. And strangely enough his was one of the pictures I gave to Adrienne for examples of costumes for the film. He just moved into town about a month ago. I remember being so intrigued by this guy when I was seventeen. Sitting with him in Thundercloud for five minutes as we exchanged phone numbers, it's still there. This odd fascination. I have to tell Clare.

Ok, I should go run now. I'm getting pretty lax on my exercising these days. Life keeps getting in the way.

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chelseylittle said...

WhooHOO! (a sincere whoo hoo) You found her! That's awesome. Hope all works out excellent for you and your cast. Congrats, and Good Show!