Friday, June 03, 2005

Finding Grove

I just realized I haven't posted in a long while. Maybe it's because I'm so friggin' busy! Rah! That's a good "Rah!".

I lost one of my actresses due to a family emergency. I was pretty darn bummed. I loved her and thought she was fantastic. But everything happens for a reason, I suppose. So we have an impromptu casting session tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers really, really tight that I find the right girl. It's the toughest character to cast too.

In other news, rehearsals start soon. I played soccer last weekend with most of my kids. I love my actors so much, it's ridiculous. They're so talented, I can't stand it. And nice. So nice!!! Jim and his camera crew did some test shots with different stocks to see what we'll end up using. We're blowing it up to 35mm to get the full effect. I can't wait to see it. Apparently there's some mysterious piece of Jim running around on the field doing an interpretive dance. I think I'd gone to pay for the pizza at that point. That boy, I swear. Love him!

We're trying to finalize all of the stunts. Ugh. Note to self. Never have stunts. Air bags, stunt women, boats, divers, pieces of string with weights at the end ... I don't know.

By some crazy stroke of luck, we've been sent the best human beings in the whole wide world to work with. In every single department. Lorie, Stacy and I must have had some good karma in some other life. We keep signing on the most kick ass people. I started crying today thinking about it.


chelseylittle said...

Hello. From reading your blog and your storie productions website, you seem really sincere and passionate about your work, and for all that passion you have, I too hope you find the perfect person to play Grove for "Jumping Off Bridges." By chance, through a work friend of my sister's who knows you, I will be there tommorow for the casting session and I sincerely do look forward to meeting one who deeply loves what they do. If I turn out to be right for the part, that's great, but if not, I hope you find the absolute perfect match. I too love what I do (acting in school plays, primarily) and it is inspiring to know that there are adults out there doing what they love and getting paid for it too.
Best of luck to your film and you.
-chelsey little

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the new auditions.... HI it's your bro... :) Just wanted to drop you a quick line of encouragement! Latra Amiga

Anonymous said...

Hey Kat... when are you going to post about Grove auditions? How did they go? What's the verdict?