Friday, May 20, 2005

I have a date.

I haven't spent time, much less, seen my boyfriend in ... well, a really long time. We have a date tonight. It starts after the 45 minute scheduling meeting with Stacy. I'm anxious to hold hands, kiss his cheek, sit in silence in the car, drive down the highway listening to new CDs. I miss my boy. I miss going to the bookstore on a whim and looking at trashy magazines. I miss doing the crossword with him. I miss waking up on a Sunday morning and lazily walking up to Quack's for a cup of coffee. I miss chatting about Mike Leigh and the latest Japanese horror film that he's watching. I miss getting snacks at Whole Foods and watching horrible movies that we love because they're so horrible.

My belly aches from eating too much for lunch at Al Borz. :(

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