Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday Night

The boy's gone this weekend. He should be rolling in to Dallas as I write this. I miss him already.

We have the final round of call backs tomorrow. The cast should be absolutely, positively finalized by Sunday. I already know who about 3/4 of the cast will be. I've been overwhelmed at what great talent I've seen. There are so many amazing actors that I wish I had more roles. It's been so long since I've had a real casting call that I haven't been exposed to a lot of the local talent. Donise and Leigh have been AMAZING through this whole process. Those two have gone above and beyond what I could've hoped for.

We start scouting confirmed locations next week. Starting with McCallum High School on Friday and then we'll be skipping all over Austin on Saturday. Checking out various venues and houses and parks and bridges. I'm excited to spend the day with Jim, Lisa, Vic, Stacy and hopefully Mike. I love days like that. Days where you're working but it feels like the furthest thing from work and more like doing stupid shit with your friends.

I have a couple of screenings of films this week. Tonight Pilot and Olo is playing at the TriPartIte Film Festival at Jo's Coffeeshop. May 12th, my ode to my boyfriend, Good Night. is playing at the Flicker Fest, Alamo Downtown at 9:45pm. I keep forgetting to submit films to festivals. I need to get on that. I've been too busy to think about anything but jumping.

God, I'm glad it's Friday.

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