Wednesday, April 27, 2005

New York Report

New York Report:

SATURDAY NIGHT - I originally had this grand plan to go to Little Italy when we got into town and eat hard core Italian food and drink red wine. No deal. I'd made plans with some college friends, Maya and Tanya who were and always will be in their own world. You just sort of get sucked up into it and move along with it. We ended up at Relish, this overly hip diner in Williamsburg which I've frequented a few times before. Maya and Tanya are the ultimate scenesters. They're gorgeous, know a ton of people and have no fear talking to anyone. This band TV on the Radio was there. Mark would've been pretty excited. He loves them. Maya chatted them up immediately. It was cute. I also caught up with Suzanne, Tanya's little sister. I love this girl SO MUCH. She's beautiful, talented, strong, inspiring ... always inspiring. Five minutes of conversation with her makes you feel like you can climb Mount Everest.

We also got harassed by a homeless man who was extremely high as we were walking home. It was a bit uncomfortable.

SUNDAY - We met Anne del Castillo and Wyatt Phillips for brunch at Veselkas. I met with these two last September when I was there for the IFP. Wyatt's in grad school at NYU for Film Studies and Anne works for POV at PBS. Much to catch up on. Lots of talk of growing up and families and owning houses. I'm stuck on that conversation. I seem to have it with a lot of people these days.

Stacy and I walked and walked and walked around Manhattan on Sunday. I wore the wrong shoes. I knew I wore the wrong shoes when I left Texas, but I knew it would rain and my sneakers would get soaked. I was right about that part.

That night we met up with my friends Jay and Christine for ETHIOPIAN FOOD!!!! My absolute, absolute favorite. I love it so much, it's not even funny. We had long conversations about New York. They're take ... New York is the center of the universe. It's a bold statement and one that I would probably agree with if I lived in New York. But I'm happy thinking that I'm the center of the universe. Not in an arrogant sort of way. It makes sense though, don't you think?

MONDAY - I've never eaten so much food in a single day in my life. Not until Monday the 25th. When you go to New York and you'll be in meetings all day long, you have to eat or drink or do something. Especially when you're waiting for a meeting and you have to go to the bathroom. Most places require a minimum purchase to use the restroom. So Monday, I ate two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners. AND I had hot chocolates and herbal teas, all day long. Don't get me wrong, I was perfectly happy eating that much. In fact I wish there was a way to turn your belly off on days that you want to eat endlessly so you don't get full. Someone should look into that. Oh yes, meetings ... I digress.

We met with Barbara, my friend from Showtime early that morning. As we were waiting for her in the Tribeca Grand I saw someone who I'd met with in September about another project who sort of brushed me off when trying to correspond later on. It's interesting how those situations work. You would just hope that the person would simply say, "We're not interested in the project." It makes life easier for everyone. Instead of being sneaky or strange about it. I'd rather hear that and move on then think maybe, just maybe they do like it but they're busy and that's why they haven't returned my email. That's probably not the case. Again, I digress. I love Barbara. We met in a strange random sort of way several years ago and I've been bugging her ever since. Luckily she's sweet and nice and very helpful. She doesn't seem to mind the bugging so much. I try to keep it to a minimum. We had a great time catching up and swapping stories. I'm glad she's on our side.

From there, Stacy and I met up with Michael Emerson. He's a sweet, sweet man. Very much what I remember him to be when I was in high school. He showed up all dapper in a three piece suit. I loved it! We exchanged stories, talked about old times, gave our outlooks on life ... He seems really excited about the film. It reaffirmed my decision.

Now I'm back. We're in the midst of call-backs. I'm excited to see the kids reading, mixing and matching. Casting is the best part.

Celebrity sightings in New York were few this time:
TV on the Radio
Christian Bale

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matt said...

kc, i just came across your site, cos i was just in touch with daniel gill, and then you showed up on google, and it's a totally small world. glad you had such fun with maya and tanya. v89 is always with us somehow, isn't it?