Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Jacksonville awaits me. With all of its glory. I wouldn't go back to Jacksonville ever probably if my family didn't live there. Despite every story that I've ever written being inspired by and about the people that I met and fell in love with there, Jacksonville doesn't bring me feelings of warmth or comfort. There's something very stale about it. As if it's sort of stuck. When I go back, it doesn't seem to have moved forward much. With the exception of the occassional strip mall that pops up. It's interesting taking Mark back to my hometown. It parallels Houston in so many ways. Although it lacks the museums that Houston prides itself on. Rightfully so. Oh and Jacksonville no longer has an arthouse movie theater. That ... oh man, that is pretty depressing. There are a million movie theaters in that large expanse of a town, but none of them play the right movies. I would die if I lived there again. Honestly, I would be really miserable.

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Anonymous said...

You're right. you would be miserable here. I am. Keith tries to convince me I'd be miserable anywhere but he's wrong this place is horrible.