Friday, March 25, 2005

Lawyers, talk of sex and being lame

I never thought I'd say this, but I love our lawyers. We met Michael last night to go over a few things. He has a kind, baby face with a silly, sly grin. And he uses the word "dweeb". His dry wit makes me laugh. And he loves movies. Very important.

Somehow we've aligned ourselves with really wonderful and passionate people. It makes this process all worthwhile and fun.

I think I found Zak's house today. It's almost perfect. If only the exterior had a garage attached to the house it would be dead on. But I can find an exterior elsewhere. So now, I'm down to locking a few bridges, the club and the exterior of Zak's house. Not bad for three months from start date.

It's Friday! I have a big weekend of work and movie preparations. But it all starts in an hour and a half with Girl's Night. Girl's Night usually consists of really yummy food. Everyone brings a dish. Lots of wine. Talk of boys and sex. And more talk about boys and sex. And then falling asleep by 10pm because I'm lame and old. Speaking of which, Kurt, Jim and I tried storyboarding late last night and it ended up being the three of us giggling at really stupid comments for two hours. And reminiscing about our wild, chain smoking, drunken days of college. I really am old. Despite the fact that we got very little done, it was a good time with good friends. I need more of that.

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Mandy said...

Oh man, I really miss Girls Night! Dallas is lonely, and I am always surrounded by boys (my team at work is all boys, and at home I've just got Victor). Girls Night is always so much fun.