Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Coming up for air ...

We're in the middle of SXSW. I've done a pretty good job of staying far away. With the exception of a few meetings and starting tonight a few friend's films.

A bunch of my high school and college friends will be in town for the second half of SXSW. The music part. I'm anxious to see their sweet little faces.

JUMPING is moving forward. Kurt and I have storyboarded half of the film. I start casting next month which I'm super excited about. I love casting. It's one of my favorite parts of making movies. I've locked almost half of the locations. I still have a few hard ones to get which are kicking my ass. So much more, but I must depart for now.

I need to keep telling my boyfriend that I love him and this will all be over at some point.

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