Friday, February 18, 2005

New additions.

The world is good. It's neatly piecing together in beautiful ways. Ways I wouldn't have expected.

Rescue Me got into a cool program with Working Films. Lorie will go to a workshop in Massachusettes where she'll learn how to create an outreach program for the doc. Stacy and I were talking last night how this is the first bit of validation for the film. When an outsider who doesn't know us from adam, puts their stamp of approval on it, it actually means something. It feels good. For me, it was when I got my TFPF grant for cicadas. It was like ... this is real. I'm a real filmmaker. I've been validated.

Everything for jumping off bridges is falling into place pretty nicely. The elements are coming along. Between the three of us, we've been meeting with lawyers, casting people, stunt people, locations people ... We've been on the phone with crane people, film stock people, camera owners ... Jim, Kurt and I start storyboarding on Sunday. I'm looking forward to the collaboration with those boys.

AND my friends and I are anxiously awaiting a new member into our friend's family. Our friends' Chadwick and Wendy are in labor as I write this. I started crying when Kurt emailed me the news this morning. I can't wait to see the new little one.

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