Monday, February 21, 2005

Ella Mayfair and the gang.

Kurt and I took a break from storyboarding yesterday to visit Chadwick and Wendy's new baby, Ella Mayfair Chennault. She's so beautiful. She has Chadwick's chin dimple and Wendy's little nose. They'll be good parents. You can totally see it.

It sounds like a bunch of us will be having babies in the next year or two. We'll have play groups instead of drunken parties and go to Chuck E Cheese instead of Castle Hill. We'll compare our kids' Halloween costumes and sneak their candy when they go to bed. We'll enroll them in ballet and gymnastics. Some of our respective roles in their social activities ...

Mark - Tee Ball Coach, forces them to listen to music on really big headphones
Chadwick - Soccer Coach and R rated movies
Jim - Boy Scout Leader, the kids' first introduction to fire and destruction
Kat - Head of the Saturday morning movie club, Brownie Leader
Nevie - Hosts the kids' dance party USA
Karen - PTA Leader, bakes cookies and takes them to Storytime
Mandy - Takes the kids to the mall to buy cool clothes
Victor - Plays Legos with them and helps them with their homework
Ryan - Gives them bowling lessons and facials
Aaron and Debbie - The kids come over to play Super Mario Bros.
Kurt - teaches them how to play with Star Wars Action Figures
Meredith - the Soccer mom, watches them at the pool


Mandy said...

Hooray! Comments work! I like your version of the future. Victor and I were talking the other day about possibly moving back to Austin someday... it's on our list of cities.

Victor M. Aguilar said...

You left out one more role for me.

Victor: Secretly turns them into young Republicans, much to the dismay of their parents.