Monday, January 03, 2005

Bringing in the New Year

Highlights from my holiday vacation:

Snowfall in Houston on Christmas Eve.

Sledding through the iced over parking lot of the Homewood Suites in Memphis.

Bashing Hollywood over BBQ with my cousin Julia.

Tickling my nephews' bellies.

Mark's excitment when he opened the "Fanny and Alexander" box set I got him for Christmas.

Oatmeal cookie Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.

New Year's Eve dinner with Nevie, Nisha, Karen and Mark. Our table was sandwiched between a woman crying and yelling at her ex husband and Andy Roddick, Andy Roddick's father and their blond bombshell dates.

Trying on crazy, fancy dresses at Nordstrom's with Karen and Nisha.

Peanut butter pie with chocolate malt ball ice cream.

My nephew Christian falling asleep in my arms.

"The Life Aquatic".

Two trips to Dreamers. One purchase.

Coming home to Austin and remembering how much I love my life and my friends.

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