Thursday, January 13, 2005


Bootyrama Class
An Intense Funk & Fitness class designed to raise your cardio-fitness, while stimulating your body & mind with easy-to-do dance moves.

Karen, Nisha, Debbie and I took our first Bootyrama class last night. Oh man. So, I'm a runner. I'm used to running 5 miles or so, no problem. Heck, I've run 14 miles ... no problem. I have to say, Bootyrama is like running two Iron Man marathons back to back. My legs were like jelly, shaking and quivering. My heart was pounding, sweat pouring off in buckets.

Our instructor, Chemise, a bootylicious young black girl kept running around the room all crazy-like barking orders, "Go lower!", "Stick your butt out!", "Five more" while Usher kept screaming "Yeah" from the boombox. Maybe I've never been to an aerobics class before and I'm just not used to the insanity of it all. I don't know, but she was making me a little nervous. I thought she might get very upset with me if I didn't get that last push up. The pain was hard. Abs, thighs, butt, arms ... she must have had us do over a hundred push ups.

After the "cardio" portion of the class, Chemise taught us some hip hop dance moves. It is, of course, a fitness AND funk class. She told us that she would slow it down and make it easy for us. I felt like I was back in middle school trying to learn that dance routine to Run DMC's "Tricky" for cheerleading try outs. I looked like such a dork. Here's this little white girl trying to show "attitude" while bopping around to Sierra (some new, hot singer that Chemise just assumed we'd all heard of). It was fun though. During and immediately after the class I swore I'd never step foot back in Bootyrama class. Come hell or high water, I was not going to do it. Now I'm having second thoughts. Maybe I will go back. Maybe I will try to have more "attitude". Maybe I will learn how to shake my ass and twist my hips like Shakira. Maybe I can be bootylicious too.

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