Friday, December 10, 2004

Thinking good thoughts for my mommy.

Updates and goings on ...

Roberta Wells airs on the PBS Program "The Territory", Tuesday, December 21st, 10PM

I try and act in my friend, Aaron Marshall's short film Sole Mates. You can check it out at Bob B Bob Productions I'm not promising an Oscar winning performance. In fact, I think I'm pretty goofy.

I'm still waiting for my friend Ryan's short to get finished. I star in it with our friend Sean. In that one, I scream a lot, slam a car door shut, walk off into the desert and break out into song.

I'm gearing up for my short, tentatively titled, The Tree. Richard, Sturge, Meredith, Ryan, Nevie and Stacy are all helping out. My friends fucking kick ass, it's not even funny.

Party at Debbie's tomorrow night! I plan to shake my booty all over the house.

I'm running the Trail of Lights 5K tomorrow. Strangely enough, my physical therapist was supposed to run it too, but she fractured her foot.

My mom's cat, Willie died last night. My mom LOVED that cat more than anything. Think good thoughts for her. She's really bummed.

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