Friday, December 03, 2004

December 4 - My 2-year anniversary with Mark.

He lets me decide which movie we're going to see. He makes me giggle. He loves movies more than I do. He lets me eat food off his plate. He snores. He tells me he's proud of me. He wears sweater vests. He tells me the truth. He always offers to buy me things when I don't really need them. He laughs and tells me I'm cute when I sing "Baracuda" in the car. He catches me when I run and jump into his arms over and over and over again for fun. He remembers what I like. He listens to me. He tells me to keep going. He takes the time to tell me which outfit looks good when I can't decide and then doesn't pester me about taking too long. He puts up with my many, many lists. He eats a Thundercloud sub every single day of the week. He likes bulk bins, just like me. Most of his best friends are girls. His love for his family. His fear of Clorox. His belly. He worries when I go running in the dark. He sticks up for me. His love for New York City. He buys me records that I've never heard of because he thinks I'll like them. His blue, blue eyes. His affection for naps. He likes crayons. When he grows a beard. How he rolls up one pant leg every time he wears a pair of jeans. He makes me smoothies. He kisses my forehead when I go to sleep.

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