Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Waking up

I'll wake up tomorrow and be the big 3-0. Fuck yeah!

My friend Stacy bought a motorcycle in her 30s. I'm thinking of buying a station wagon.

I was reminded of my love/hate relationship with David Gordon Green this afternoon. This sort of ties in with my birthday. I love him, in that I love his films. Wholeheartedly. And he's a really nice guy. I hate him because I'm horribly jealous of his success and his talent. George Washington came out around the time of cicadas. Evil thoughts slipped into my head as I discussed Undertow with a coworker. I sometimes think about where he's at now and where I'm at. I think about the two films he's made since and all of the major film critics who pine for him. Pesky feelings of jealousy creep up. But in all honesty, he deserves every ounce of success. Sincerely. My time will come.

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