Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Birthday Weekend

I had an amazing birthday.

Highlights include:

Pineapple Cake (Homemade by my coworker Mel)
Chocolate Hazelnut Cake (Homemade by Mark's sister Amy)

A surprise visit from my best friend Clare who flew in from Seattle for the weekend. I cried, I screamed, I hugged her and wouldn't let go.

Karen's eggplant sandwiches after several glasses of wine.

Karen, Clare and I dancing at hip-hop night. Clare got hit on by some very large black man with gold teeth who said she was "one fine motherfucker".

The Scavenger Hunt:
Sean stopping traffic by doing the running man for 20 seconds in the middle of Guadelupe.
Nevie pretending to be the lead singer of Kitty Litter.
Mandy and Sean's rendition of "Sweet Child of Mine"
Mark picking his nose at a crowded bus stop.
Doing the macarena with Ken and Debbie Smith in the middle of Barton Creek mall.
Ken, Ryan and Jim stripping down to their underwear in the elevator only to be caught by someone trying to get on.

Falling in love with Egil's family.

Hanging out with my beloved friends. I must've teared up 20 times this weekend out of sheer joy.

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