Friday, October 08, 2004

Spilling over

It's Friday. I LOVE Fridays. I think I might like Fridays right at about 6:01pm better than any other moments in time. I like having my freedom for two and a half days. Even though most weekends, much like this one, are filled with meeting up with friends to work on projects or making time to write or packaging scripts or films to send out on Monday morning. But still, it's MY time and I embrace it with wide open arms.

I've sent and am sending "Brain Brawl" to a few recommended agents. I'm feeling ready. I feel like I've been writing a lot lately and have a decent body of scripts and am in the works on many more that kind of run the gamut from screenplays, television spec scripts and plays. I'm aching, in a big way, to direct another feature, but in the mean time, writing a lot is helping. The creative juices are spilling over. It's nice. So I'll cross my fingers that some agent will become smitten with me and I in turn, smitten with them and we will have a wonderful long lasting relationship that will benefit the both of us.

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