Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Pilot and Olo and the lovely bloke.

Richard just called to mention that he screened "Pilot and Olo" at his school today. He's teaching junior high kids at The Griffin School in Hyde Park. The kids were saying how much it reminded them of their home lives. That makes me happy. He also mentioned that all of the girls were in love with Bryan Chafin. Cute! Junior High girls are funny, funny creatures.

I've been researching restaurants in New York City all week. There are a million Ethiopian/African restaurants on Amsterdam Avenue near our hotel. Nevie and I are going to eat the mess out of some Ethiopian food. I've been pouring through menus and making a list of where I want to eat. I'm retarded like that. I seriously have a list. With addresses and hours of business, types of food and if they're recommended or not.

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