Friday, September 10, 2004

Girl Moves

Mark (my boyfriend) and I were discussing "girl moves" last night before bed. His idea of "girl moves" are this ...

1. When a girl wants someone to do something really, really badly. And then when the person she's trying to persuade makes it very clear that they're not interested, the girl quickly becomes disinterested and ends the conversation with a "I don't care if you go" or "I decided it doesn't matter afterall". This giving the other person a guilt trip into doing what the girl wants.

2. When a girl wants to go to dinner or a movie with someone and then at the last minute says, "I'd love to go, but I don't have enough money" or "I've been dying to see that film, but I'm trying to pinch my pennies". This leaving an open end for someone to pick up the tab for the girl so she can eat or see the film.

I don't think these are "girl moves". I think they're "everybody moves". Rah! It's just stupid. We got into a heated debate over this for about half an hour as I was unsuccessfully trying to go to sleep. It was way after my bedtime of 10pm. And then the heated, silly debate became real and upsetting. I hate when that happens. I prefer to not argue. Period. It usually just ends in upset or anger. Even still, my boyfriend's a total weirdo and I love the hell out of him.

So enough of that. I spent the evening at my friend, Sean's, art show last night. He had this wonderful painting of a girl in the city. Very comicesque. I loved it. And this huge piece of collected post-its that he'd drawn different people on. I haven't been to an art show in some time. Probably the last one was when my friend Kristin came to town from New York to show a bunch of her stuff at a Rock N Roll art show at Gallery Lombardi. Tonight, my friend, Bob, is having an opening at Art House, downtown Austin. This man is fantastic. He's an amazing talent. I absolutely love it. It's crazy how rich this town is with so many wonderfully creative people. We're lucky like that.

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