Thursday, September 09, 2004

Avoiding the sound of my voice

I'm getting so excited about New York I can barely contain myself. I find myself perusing the yahoo map of Manhattan. Just staring at it. Navigating up and down Central Park and along the East Village. I've been gathering all of the travel info I'll need. Like how a week-long Metrocard pass is $21 and how it'll cost about $60 to get from the airport to my hotel. The little things even make me giddy.

Today we found out that we have a block of 4 hours on Thursday, the 23rd where we'll be pitching the script to everyone and their mother. Four hours. Geez, that's like forever. I might hate talking after that. Or maybe someone will LOVE the script in the first hour and say, "We want it! We're going to give you ten million dollars to make it and not interfere in any way whatsoever with your creative vision! Just go make your film and come back when it's done!" Sigh.

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