Sunday, September 26, 2004

9-18-04 My New York Trip

Stuck on the tarmac in Chicago. Apparently hurricane Ivan is hovering over New York. It's my first time in Chicago. How sad I have to spend it on the O'Hare landing strip. I can see a highway from here. And some really tall buildings off in the distance. Maybe one of them is the Sears tower. I've spent the last five hours pouring through trashy magazines ... Us, People, Vogue. I've discovered I have a strange fascination with Gisele Bundchen. She's stunningly beautiful. It might have something to do with her dating Leonardo DiCaprio. I've always pined for him. Ever since Growing Pains. We have the same birthday. Right down to the exact same year. We'll both be turning 30 on November 11th.

Lorie and I should be getting into the city around 5 or so. I hope. We'll probably wander aimlessly through the upper west side. I'm looking forward to an evening of nothing. No plans. Just the city and us.

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