Friday, September 17, 2004


It's 5:38pm. I'm counting the minutes until I can leave work and start my adventure. I'm ready. I've made a thick travel packet with maps and information and schedules. I've called a few friends and arranged dinner and lunch plans. I've talked my coworker's ear off about everywhere I'm going to go and everything I'm going to see. My bags are packed. Toothbrush ... check. Shampoo ... check. Fancy dress ... check. Dancing shoes ... check. Nevie and I are totally going dancing one night. We have to. She doesn't know it just yet, but she will be my partner in crime. I'll will shake my booty all night long. I will sleep way past my normal waking up hour of 6am. I will let loose. I will go crazy. I will tear up the city like there's no tomorrow. Maybe. I'll probably stand in the corner of all of the parties and sip on my water with lemon and then leave early and go back to my room and wish I had a television to watch cheesy movies on USA, like the Heidi Fleiss story or the Tracy Gold Biopic. But whatever happens happens. It'll be fun.

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