Monday, July 23, 2012

Black Metal - From the set ...

Grip Van = Check

Rad Sound Girl, Renee = Check

Black Painted Nails = Check

Two of My Favorite Boys = Check

1am Trip to Whataburger = Check

The Vesperian Sorrow boys approve of our shenanagins.

Rocky our 2nd AC.

Leslie being a good script supervisor and taking copious notes.

Lauren our trusty Make-Up Artist.

Oh Karinne, you're such a weirdo. 

 All Night Shoot.

Our Zen DP, Andrew

Lighting the Pflugerville Police Station.

AC Jack ... so cute.

Are those dark circles under my eyes? Shit.

Pacos Tacos trip after equipment return with piercing blue-eyed Emmett (Gaffer).

Returning Equipment.

DP Andrew pretending to be cool at Best Buy.

Jack and Michael Conway! Double cute.

 Hmmm ...

Dominae working that net!

Light that van! Get it!

Andrew Tilley's back.

Super late night delirium.

Donni getting his make-up done.

Bones, bones and more bones.

Prepping the rock show.

Rocky has a different pair of eye glasses for every day of the week

Kelly, Leslie and Deneice!

Hi Jack!

I think Heather was tired.
The most awesome crew!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Upcoming SXSW Blogs

I'll be on silent for the next few weeks as I write, teach and turn in my taxes. And then ... I'll be back to blog all about SXSW. Lots of friends coming to town, lots of movies to see, lots of adventures to chronicle!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers

Oh my god, I love this video so much.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Sundance Video Chronicles #1 - #6

You can check out all of our silly, stupid, fun, little videos we made before and during our adventures at Sundance. Please don't judge us for how dumb we are. Cause we're pretty dumb. I think we have maybe 2 more to come.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sundance Day 8 and 9 (The End)

Me and Joe Malina at our Salt Lake screening.

Waiting for our TV interview.

Our TV interview. Jonny's not paying attention.

Kelly watching from the other side of the room.

Fun times at Park City TV.

A happy Kelly at Slamdance.

Main Street on our last night.

Me waiting to go on to the TV show.

A group of us are sitting in the Salt Lake City airport waiting to board our plane back to Texas. I have this pit in my stomach. I'm eager to get home and see Mark and get back to the normal world. But on the flip side, I'll miss the condo dance parties, the movies, our new filmmaker friends, running into random friends on Main Street and maybe just maybe ... the snow. But here we are ... about to dive back into real life. I'm about to spend an entire weekend reading student scripts, working with my Women in Cinema girls and squeezing in some time to hang out with Mark. Thank god for his patience.

So here goes the last of my Sundance recap ...

Day 8
Kelly, Jonny and I woke up at the crack of dawn to make an 8:15am interview at the Park City TV station. We were the suckers to take the early slot. I looked around their station, shocked at how many people are up so early. And because they forgot we were coming we had to quickly debrief the interview guy and hand off our trailer. The interview went off fairly well aside from the guy kept calling Jonny, "John" and our trailer played a little wonky.

After the interview we headed to brunch on Main Street. It seemed like tumbleweed was practically rolling through the streets.

I head over to the Eccles by myself to catch Safety Not Guaranteed. I won't give too much away because I really loved this film and I hope it's already gotten a distribution deal. But it was totally up my alley. I'm a sucker for kind hearted characters and 80s throwbacks and being able to see a director's big heart all over a screen. And, would you look at that-- in the credits I noticed a friend from a long time ago working with the casting director that we're working with right now on Nikki. Small world. That gets smaller every single day.

Afterward I headed home to chill out for a bit and get a little work done. But before I knew it, I was trekking back up Main Street with EJ to do one last interview for our little silly videos. Okay, so I am not the best interviewee. I'm not funny or witty without my cohorts Jonny and Kelly. Poor EJ just wanted me to be funny. "Be funny, Kat." And I wasn't. Sorry EJ.

Kelly met up with us for dinner at our favorite spot Flanagans. We frequented their fine establishment three times over 24 hours. I'm a creature of habit.

After dinner I met up with Jonny and Farah at the Egyptian theater to see The Pact. Nick who directed The Pact was one of my first Sundance friends back in our LA orientation. He had a short version of The Pact at Sundance 2011, found a financier, wrote the feature and was back a year later. I will totally take that scenario, please. We had a blast watching it. I discovered that Jonny likes to talk to the screen, "Oh that's brilliant', "Oh shit, that's bullshit.", "Dude, don't go in there." I on the other hand, just hid my face under my coat the entire time. It's a really fun horror film. With practical FX that floored me.

We spent our last night hanging out at the Slamdance party, taking photobooth photos, seeing our 33 Teeth friends and drinking free beer. No beer for me though. We came home in time to witness our crew's dance party in condo 415. Our remaining crew being Ashlyn, Beth and EJ drunkenly dancing in a circle in their living room to booty music. And in that moment, I felt old. It was like Jonny, Kelly and I were the mom and two dads hanging out with our kids. So we went home and went to bed.

Day 9
We slapped our alarm clocks bright and early to pack and check out. Then we headed to see Bones Brigade at the Marc Theater. Kelly and Jonny reverted into teen boys at the sight of Stacy Peralta, Rodney Mullens and Caballero. No lie, they were giddy little kids seeing and later meeting their idols. It was cute..

We raced over to the Prospector for our last screening of Hellion. One last packed theater. One last intro to the film and one last time seeing it huge and loud on a big screen in Park City. I wasn't quite ready for that part to be over. Hearing a sold out crowd laughing and responding to this little film we had no expectations for.

Then a last lunch with the gang and back to catch our shuttle. And that's when we called it a week. A successful, exhausting, exhilerating, terrifying, gratifying, bonding, inspiring week.

So what's next for our little Hellion? We have something in the works to get it out into the world, but probably can't talk too much about that just yet. We have some festivals lined up. And I've been writing like mad to get a decent feature version ready to start plugging in the spring.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sundance - Day 7

Main Street Mayhem.

Dinner with the girls.

The girls (Ashlyn and Beth).

The days are dwindling as we near the end of our Park City adventures. Two more to go before heading back to warmer days in Austin.

Wednesday I caught up on a little work. I read one of the many students scripts in my inbox. Getting enough time in between everything to get into "work head space" is nearly impossible. I was commiserating with a fellow professor on the bus the other day about not being able to get anything done here. So I already warned my husband that this weekend I'll be consumed with script notes for my UT kids. I'm sorry UT kids for sucking at juggling all of this.

After staying in my jammies most of the morning, I showered and headed out to catch Carrie Preston's That's What She Said at the Library. I laughed my ass off with a sold out crowd. I've known Carrie for years through her husband. So it was really sweet coming into the festival with a friend outside of Texas.

I headed back to the condo to meet Kelly and head out for our Salt Lake City screening. We caught a ride in a fancy Acura sponsored Sundance vehicle with Driver Justin and the two Erins from My Best Day. It was a nice chance to catch up with the Erins about our weeks activities and compare notes.

Just barely in time, we walked into a sold out Salt Lake crowd. And in the lobby, lo and behold, we see our good friend Joe Malina from Austin, TX. I lit up, so happy to see his sweet, little face.

Aside from the volume being messed with at the beginning (it's supposed to be really really loud people, it's heavy metal), the audience seemed to love the short. Lots of laughs in all the right places and then some. We finally got to check out My Best Day. A sweet, small town tale filled with colorful characters beautifully performed by a bunch of New York actors. In particular I'm a new huge fan of Raul Castillo (Cold Weather).

For the first time since we've been here, we got a Q&A. You're not supposed to if you're in front of a feature, but I'm not sure the theater manager knew that. We got hit with several questions .. inspiration for the short? How many days shooting? What on? Babysitter story? I think they liked us because they kept laughing at our silly stories. Yes, we're weird.

Afterward we skipped the party to come home and stare at a wall and decompress. We needed some serious decompression. Day 7 ... the end.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sundance - Day 5 and 6

Getting snow plowed by Jonny Mars.

Having drinks with Dee Robertson (Holiday Road) at the Shorts Awards Party.
Farah ... being weird.

Kyle Henry, Renee, Beth and Ashlyn.

The Jupiter Bowl Shorts Award Party.

Sadly, this was going to the party, not returning home from it.

Me and Kelly after our radio interview.

Drew and Jonny after our radio interview.

Mars posing so I could get a picture of Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) in the background. Shaved head guy to the left of Jonny.

Jonny's photo shoot at the radio interview.
Waiting for the bus early in the morning.

EJ interviewing Farah at the Redstone. Some man walked up to me, "Who's that woman?" I responded, "It's Farah."
The gang at the Redstone for our second screening.

Thank god Renee had her car to drive all of us to the theater in the snow.

Things are becoming a bit of a blur at this point. My thought processing skills have weakened and my lack of sleep has left me numb. So I'll try to keep it brief because often times pictures speak louder than words. And they're more fun.


1) Sleeping in for the first time. Well, sleeping in meaning waking up at 9am instead of 7am. But still I needed it.
2) Running into Jenn from LAFF and catching up on a trip over to the Prospector to see Kid-Thing.
3) I met up with Amy and Augustine to catch Kid-Thing and we wasted time talking Fassbender and watching Beyonce Youtube clips. As the theater filled up, I will say, it was sweet to see so many Texas faces in the Prospector auditorium for the Zellners. And our beloved boys didn't disappoint. Kid-Thing is a bittersweet reminiscing of those days as a kid wandering the woods and creating our own universe. And trying desperately to find a connection where sometimes there are none. And most importantly, what it means to be a good person and how to process that as a kid.
4) From the Zellners, I scrambled to meet the other half of my crew and drive over to the Redstone theater for our second screening. Still waiting to see it, but I think EJ got a lot of fun footage from the audience, our intro and the aftermath of the evening. That should hit the cybernet soon. Overall it was another great screening. A little bit of a different response from the first audience. Not as many laughs, but definitely more gasps. Afterward I opted to bypass a big party being thrown at the Holiday Road house and catch up on my inbox instead. I still have a slew of scripts staring at me to read and give feedback on. And I'm trying hard to get to it, but it's been such a whirlwind.

1) Jonny, Kelly, Drew and I woke up early and headed up to the Harley Davidson store on Main Street to do a radio interview for .... some Salt Lake City radio people who I can't remember who it was right now, but I'm sure we'll figure it out and get the podcast. Needless to say, it was fun. Five minutes tops and a photo shoot.
2) Spent some time with Kelly at the Headquarters where we ran into Karinne and Don Hertzeeldt, Alec from Lone Star Film Fest and some other random folks.
3) Kelly and I headed back over to the Eccles, where my friend Ava DuVernay was about to screen her debut feature Middle of Nowhere. And it was stunning. Fantastic performances and beautifully beautifully shot. And I ran into a Tribeca All Access friend randomly.
4) Then dinner with Alec and some short filmmakers back at our favorite Main Street spot Flanagans. The poor waitress we had at 10am was still there at 7pm and apparently would be there til close. And then off to the Shorts Award Party at the Jupiter Bowl. It was nice by this point to know so many folks in the room-- new friends, Texas friends, old friends. Sadly we didn't win anything, BUT we did score something maybe even better. We ran into Mike Judge who was on the shorts jury. And when he realized who we were he blurted out-- "I fucking love that short!" He gave us so many sweet compliments that just made our night. We talked Austin, Arts and Labor, our mutual friend and sound designer, Eric Friend (Hellion, King of the Hill) as well as small town Texas. So yeah, that kind of made our entire night. Maybe our entire trip.
5) On the way home with Karinne, a drunk Jonny Mars and Kelly, I finally got snow plowed by Mr. Mars. After several earlier attempts, he finally threw me into a heaping pile of snow at one in the morning. I was drenched in snow from head to toe, and freezing cold screaming at him. And by the time we made it to our 7-11 destination to get toilet paper and snacks, Jonny realized his phone fell out in the snow where he took me down. So we had to trudge back up there and look like idiots digging through snow and trying to listen for his buried ring tone while a drunk guy passed us on the sidewalk, "What are you guys doing?"
6) The end of the night involved: our crew getting kicked out of a hot tub (Kelly, Karinne and I stayed behind), two local girls wandering into our condo in their underwear after getting kicked out of the hot tub and a dance party in Farah's condo. Ah youth.